Friday, December 31, 2010

Playa Biesanz Shuttle

In our ongoing quest to provide Parador’s guests with the ultimate in comfort and convenience, we are now offering complimentary golf cart shuttle service to and from our stunning neighboring beach of Playa Biesanz. Although just a very short walk from our property, we strive to make it even easier for you to access and enjoy the warm crystalline waters and silky sand of this tranquil jungle-embraced cove.

During low tide, remnants of historic turtle traps can be sighted, dating back to the period between 900 to 1756 A.D. when this point (on which Parador sits) was inhabited by the now-extinct Quepoa Indians. Derived from the Boruca tribes that migrated northward from Colombia towards the end of the first millennium, the Quepoa were reputed as one of the fiercest tribes in the Americas, having successfully deterred Ponce De Leon from landing here in 1519 and further inhibiting Spanish occupation for another 40 years. The Quepoa lived in what is now known as Manuel Antonio and Quepos during the rainy season (June through December) and inland along the river banks during the dry months.

Legend has it that a hidden treasure incorporating seven hundred tons of gold, silver and jewels is buried somewhere in the region that this tribe once occupied. Though never discovered – or even confirmed – infamous English pirate and privateer John Clipperton believed to his death that it was so and spent much of the late 1600s here in search of the elusive booty.

These days, Playa Biesanz is quite a bit tamer – and serves not as a beachhead staving off invaders but a peaceful respite where you can perch under a shady palm or the bronzing rays of the sun, explore the point on kayak or collect a handful of commemorative shells.

Whether you opt for a leisurely stroll or a quick shuttle ride, Playa Biesanz is a not to be missed excursion while you are visiting our lovely area.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Galeria Restaurant at Parador Unveils Inspired New Menu

In an effort to surprise, delight and consistently evolve, Edgar Vargas Romero, our heralded Executive Chef, has revamped the Galeria menu, creating a series of internationally-inflected signature dishes for the discriminating palate.

Marrying the freshest local ingredients with a globally-inspired culinary twist, Mr. Vargas has conceptualized an adventurous bill of fare which includes such standout dishes as the banana leaf-wrapped catch-of-the-day with fragrant basil and garlic steamed in a bamboo basket; succulent rib eye steak marinated in harissa spices – a taste sensation straight out of morocco’s souks; a mixed meat brochette served hanging from a wooden-based wire skewer accompanied by three daily-changing dipping sauces; and Toscana bisteca (steak) marinated in herbs and garlic with haricot vert served with sundried tomatoes, garlic, parsley and almonds. Classics from India (TandooriChicken) and Jamaica (Jerk Chicken) also possess Vargas’ personal stamp and are sure to excite and entice our hungry diners.

Elegantly presented and lovingly prepared, we are certain our new offerings will further enhance your memorable dining experience in our ambient ocean-view restaurant.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Parador Receives Top Five Leaf Sustainability Award.

Last Thursday (December 9, 2010) Parador Resort & Spa was presented with the highest Five Leaf Sustainability Award by Costa Rica’s Minister of Tourism Carlos Ricardo Benavides at a ceremony in San Jose’s InBio Park. The annual event recognizes businesses in the tourist sector that duly comply with the exacting sustainability guidelines dicated by the Costa Rican Tourism Board’s ICT, Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program CST.

Parador Resort & Spa was one of only ten establishments bequeathed with the coveted Five Leaf rating, validating our passionate and enduring dedication to our environment, community and planet.

Parador Vice President Diego F. Gonzalez Monge and Sales Director Allan Ortega were on hand to receive the top commendation, joining representatives from many of the other 181 Costa Rican tourist-oriented companies that were also certified (22 for the first time).

The impressive number of honorees indicates the ongoing commitment amongst government and private industry to protect and respect Costa Rica’s fragile and fecund eco-system.