Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soaring The Rainforest Canopy Is a Thrill a Minute

As we strive to ensure that our guests’ experience in Costa Rica is nothing less than extraordinary and safe, we would never recommend a tour or activity without sampling – and in this case, re-sampling -- it ourselves. And so it was that we ventured deep into the rainforest recently with Canopy Safari to verify that the zip lining excitement quotient is as high (no pun intended!) as we remembered. And we’re pleased to report that this half-day excursion was not only an adrenalin-pumping thrill-ride, but a highly educational outing, as well.

From the moment we hit the road en route to our final destination in Paso Real, about 45 minutes outside Quepos, our quick-witted, bilingual guide Jorge regaled us with his superb knowledge of the area’s history and environment, illustrating various usages of ubiquitous plants we see every day, but perhaps don’t notice, giving us facts and figures that were both interesting and vital.

Coffee, soft drinks and fresh fruit greeted us upon our arrival and an informative tour of the facility’s butterfly garden and serpentarium preceded our gear-prep for the main event. Suited up and rigged up in our un-chic harnesses and helmets, we were divided into two groups of about ten each for both safety and comfort purposes.

Featuring 18 platforms, 10 zip and 2 rappel lines,, 1 suspension bridge and “tarzan swing,” our troop – which included a Parador executive and her 5 year old daughter alongside our resident writer – sailed through the lush jungle with the ease and grace of circus acrobats, securely fastened to cables that allowed us to explore our inner gymnast while imbibing the breathtaking scenery in which we were enveloped.

Piloted by a posse of fast-quipping, highly-skilled English-speaking guides who seemed to be having as much fun as us, we soared for more than an hour, traversing the treetops and dropping to the depths of the jungle in a heart-racing rush. Only one of our group succumbed to her momentary fear of heights and was deftly and patiently tandem-carried across the ravine by one of our guides. Our intrepid toddler, however, navigated the course with gleeful abandon.

A delicious lunch awaited us upon our return, highlighting traditional cuisine which included rice and beans, fried plantains and chicken. All in all, a great day and a recommended excursion for all visitors to our area.
Canopy Safari is the pioneering canopy tour operator in the Southern area of Costa Rica. The company built its first canopy course in 1997 with the help of a team of experts who build high ropes courses in the United States and in Europe.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Amazing Dolphin tour in front of Parador´s coastline last week

Words cannot describe the feeling of seeing the curious and friendly dolphins up close. We launch from Quepos Oceanfront. We sail along the coast to where the Punta Quepos meets the Pacific Ocean (a favorite dolphin playground). We linger in that area and wait for the Dolphins to come by.

Familia Cortés y Familia Acuña wrote:
The dolphin trip was cool. I never imagined that we would see as many dolphins as we did or that they would swim as close to our boats as they did."